I Will Be True To Myself, No Matter What..

There are things in life that I just won't bend on...I have friends..MOST are screwed up, on some level..most humans are. I will be ME, I will be friends with, talk with, whomever I choose. I am not on this site for dating, not on this site for any particular reason anymore..I am happy with me..I like ME..I won't stop being ME..Any problem that people have with me..is of their own creation...(Lord don't let my cows off their ******* selves..Amen*)
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11 Responses Nov 18, 2010

Awesome posts. Where are you? I miss you!

Thank you Soozles.*Smile*

:) You are you. And of all things you could be, that is the best!

Thank you MsPFP *Smile*

okay so first......so not making me miserable....I bet noone else either.<br />
don"t let this messed up sh*t drag you down.......<br />
don't leave ep.......it won't be the same here without you - just sayin' *smile*

*LMAO* We're all crazy now.. This ******* sucks ya' know..I like a lot of ya' freaks on my list..most rarely talk to me..the ones that do, get targeted..I think I just need to leave you all well enough alone..I don't like that this happens..especially when..at one time..I was being told to talk to you..shut up scott!!!! Look, I don't know if I am going to stick around on EP..if it makes me miserable..or others miserable, it's not worth it..I started a new life to get out of the misery..I am not going to let negative **** drag me down again..so..Just sayin'.

I don't think any of that is true but.....oh what the hell........<br />
<br />
** Get on the CRAZY TRAIN >>>>>> with all us freaks** - its fun here !!! whoooohoooo !!! (*o*) <br />
<br />

If you are female and on my friend list..you are a freak..you see, I am ..IDK.apparently ****** up and only attract freaks..*LMAO* Nothing personal..I am just a freak magnet..or a freak seeker???? Not sure which I am being accused of being?..Maybe it's all of you nice folk that added me that are freak seekers? Oh hell shut the **** up scott..digging the hole deeper..aren't I *grin*

what ??? me???? a freak ??? noooooo........ *lol*<br />
thats okay....Im good with it.........at least I admit it, unlike some people who like to point fingers----and freakin' laugh.........<br />
--- your cows are in my thoughts....*grin*

Yep..you and the rest of my friend list..ya' bunch of f*ing freaks..*LMAO* I have to live with myself..and..seems I have been doing a pretty good job of that so far..without having to change who I am..SO...I am thinking, who I am is pretty good..I may not be everyone's choice of personality..but I am who I am..always was, always will be..the end..*LOL* (I'll just go around the place with sea salt tomorrow so I can ward off the curse on the cows)

oh man.....we all have to Collectively get together and pray for your damn cows......*lol*<br />
- and i agree with what you said. Admittedly.... I am one of those screwed up people.¯_(ツ)_/¯ <br />
i like you attitude about yourself !!<br />
keep being you !!!