Rise Above Imperfections {what A Perfect Person Is}

No one is perfect.And no one could be.A person that says :''I have no flaws'' he/she surly does.It's simple,be happy for who you are,and never be ashamed of yourself because,trust me, lots of people wish to be you.It's not all about just being perfect,it's about being unique,having your own smile,saying your own words,dressing on your own style,and even eating your own food... Your taints are what make you special,they are what make people know that it's you and only you.Each one of us has his own faults because all people are born fallible,and it's not wrong to make mistakes because sometimes these mistakes could be funny, beneficial and spontaneous,but the wrong is to repeat the same mistake and not to learn from your own experience and mistakes.A perfect person is that who doesn't listen to what people say because people's only burden is to criticize others for what they say and do regardless of what they(people) say and do.He is that real person that has his own style in dealing with life.A perfect person acts on his own and doesn't pretend to be someone else in order to have attention.He is satisfied for what he is and what he has.He is the same person since he was born.A perfect person is that who rise above imperfections.A perfect person is only him,himself. 
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Apr 10, 2012