How Do I Cope With Being Different

People around me expect me to be the person they want me to be like im made of clay they want to take control of me like they walk in my skin. but they can never kno who i am what i think and feel no im not talking about the Government lol. And when i say whats on my mind and try to take whatever sherd of dignity im the bad guy NO im being me i cant and wont be control like most puppets im surrounded by, their fashion, the way they speak act and do. im tired of repeating in my head "FAKE IT TILL U MAKE IT" just to keeps my sanity can i get an AMEN
archangelmichael8 archangelmichael8
1 Response May 14, 2012

Follow your own path, it may lead you in your own direction, it maybe the right or the wrong path for you to follow, but at least you will never be able to say, HEY, someone else lead me up the wrong path.