I Love Who I Am

I don't let anyone define me. I am not defined by where I come from, my age and neither by how I look. I am defined by my choices and who I am within. I am independent and don't need to lean on anyone for confidence. I am cool as I am. I am willing to deal with my flaws and my mistakes because they are not me, they are just a part of what made me. I have reached a point of self-realization where no one can break me down an empire of confidence where the one truth is that only the inside counts. If I was to please the world I would be but wind dancing to the tune of the player. I am me, a part of the huge mosaic of people in the world and I'm not "other people" because if we were all other people we would be one person and probably would never get to inventing anything or new discoveries. So celebrate yourself, you are an important and special piece of the puzzle however you are, whoever you are.
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May 15, 2012