so i have jus told my husband about my anti depresants and how his mother has been with me.. it started off as i come home from the hospital at 11pm with my toungest child who is1 she asnt been well an when i come home my mother in law ad a moan at me for something dt cud of waited untill the mornin... so i gt fed up ignor her n went to my room where my hubby came up and aked why i came up.. he didnt hea as he was in d garden... i said nuffin n tried to carry on n it esculated... wel to cut a long stori short he mad me tell him what was so difficult cz i tell him he wdnt understan... so... in tears i told him everythin n hiw i jus cnt cope anymore....well he gv me a hug and said hel tri and understand more.so im hopin it jus gts beta.....i told him to look with his eyes and listen mre cause he needs to c what she reali like with me... i love my mva in law cz shes my soul mates mom but i jus gt so fed up to a point i wish i wasnt hea n e mre.. now iv told him i hope we gt a little closer again n hes nt as hard on me n e mre :)
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I've seen this sort of thing so many times, especially in Indian families where it is quite common for the husband's mother to come and live with them. One man I know who is from India is always complaining of how the mother-in-law and the wife do not get on; he gets fed up with having to spend most of his free time keeping the peace.<br />
<br />
Easier said than done, but you have to know at what point you need to just walk away and ignore it. And remember - you'll be a mother-in-law one day, thinking that no woman can be good enough for your son!

im going to be a mother inlaw one day but i would rather non ov my kids live with me so i maintain a good relationship with my son /daughters and the husbands: wifes and kids... i would much rather not keep to tradition and be happy then put any ov my kids and future inlaws thru ds... they say your oast affects your futre amd foin thru ds i hope to be a gud mum inlaw...

Good for you! I wonder anyway whether some of these old traditions will have died out considerably over the next twenty years. Let us hope that somehow we lose the bad things and still keep the good things.

i hope theyll fade away well some if them n e how... lol i wouldnt like to think ov my kids avin a mother in law like myn in fact im hopein i can afford to buy dm houses by the time thay older so they dnt have to live with n e one...! :) now that is worth every penny i git jus to see dm nt go thru all ds cr**

ahh anywhere in the world mother in law is always pain in the *** and no matter how we love them they usually find way to infuriates everyone else ha?but i guess it always this way so nothing we can do but bear with time...hhhmmm sight?

sometime the time doesnt go fast enuff lol mothers an mither in laws are pauns but with ur own mim u can say what u want ti an extent n gt away with it :) with soneone elses mom u definatly cnt...