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My Story

The shadows gleamed across the heart who flamed for him, holding his face in the the fan of their desire, leaching their secrets into the tongues that held a burning knowledge gnawing at the pit of their stomach, ignoring the beaming light of the girI .

The darkening whispers from the heart that slowly turned to dust as they seeped into the light of the girl whose purpose held no form whose destiny, touched no knowledge other than hers as others buried forms like hers in the traditions that hid her that slaved her to the chains of their Iies that decided her worth for the ground that swallowed her new form while he played.

The silence echoed as her flesh enfolded mine waiting for her eyes to meet me for the ideas of her mind to feast upon my shame and the thoughts to mark the life that trickled from the mind that shaped the cradIe within my flesh a stain of darkness.

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Your images are quite vivid. And stark in their colours and feelings. You have a sure talent with words. Bravo!