Ugh. Boreddd ;d

I eat Ritz crackers like children eats IceCream. ._. On SKYPE with one of my old Elementary buddies. Shane :p He's a Minecraft/Xbox dork. Merp. ANYHOWWWWWW somebody tell me a story, message it to me, comment it. Dx Make it interesting and funny. So I can love you long time. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD MERPHERPDERPLERPBURP. Whut. So, majority of people know I type normal, and don't always spell like the you-u are-r two-2 because-bcuz And that such. But when I am all Wut, whut. It's kind of like.. A wwwuuuuuuuuuuuttt type thing. Idk HERPTODAHERP. Ok. Therapy needed.
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
Jan 22, 2013