Figuring Out Who I Really Was

Ive always had my own opinions and ideas but lacked the boldness to express them for over 30 years.I thought to be accepted I needed to " go with the flow" so I was a walking life had no balance because I was overly sensitive about what others thought about me.One day I had had enough of pretending and slowly through a process of looking deep inside I was able to be honest about why I liked what I liked, what I disliked about life and the world and to then uncover who I wanted to be.I didn't do this alone though for God was with me enabling me to say no to people and things that contradicticted what I had discovered as my own truths and helping to find the right words to express my feelings in a non defensive way or to allow myself not to get down on myself just because I made a mistake and to always remember how valuable I am whether I am doing small things or great things.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I remember when this happened to me. It's only been several years and how freeing it is to know it's ok to be yourself! To like what you like and dislike what you don't. Good for you.

Thank you elder brother.People have always viewed me as grown up as I am respectful and responsible but now I know there are other sides to me as well and I no longer hide them.I just needed to discover the freedom in being who I truly am.

You finally grow up at...50 years...I did at you must call me elder brother Ha1ha! By the way it is my lovely wife that help me grew up...