I Am Me.

You will either love me or hate me!

I am what I am I refuse to blend around what other people say and do, I have my own opinions and views, ok, so they may not always be right but I can't help the way I am and I value anyone else who ends up standing alone because of opinions and views.

I have to stand up for myself because if I don't, no one else will!

Mehonestly Mehonestly
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you just like me.I love you.There is not many people like us though,so its great to have a group for people like us

We have only one life to live and need to be true to ourselves. Society grooms followers because they don't upset the boat. I have been upsetting the boat since I was little. I have been called lately, un-conventional ... and if so, so be it.<br><br />
<br><br />
Just recently I confessed to an affair that I didn't have to because I was so hurt by something my husband reacted to negatively that was only meant in love and spirit. Just an example of being brutally honest and that has it's price.<br><br />
I can be my own worse enemy ..... and need to remember that people are not what they seem sometimes, even someone you know a lifetime.<br><br />
Thanks for your question .. good one

Are we independent, yes we are because each of us chose to join, make our case and agree or disagree! Thanks poodledoodle!

Ya know the flow always goes down hill. Unless you want to be washed away in the mud at the bottom we all have to stand up for ourselves. Of course having some support from friends is always a good thing

Thankyou MizzBlue72, another person with their own mind this gets better and better. :)

Very good and very true. Well said - I truly believe this.

Your right flourlady111 but not everyone will, they go with the flow because it's easier.

you hve to stand up for what you believe in its only logical@!

Thankyou for that nudeinva, I appreciate your comment and trust you feel the same way.

You are so right and I do love you because of that. It does not mean we will agree on everything, but you have to stand for what you are and not be anything else!