Be Who You Are

Be who you are stand up be counted

after all people might be disaponted by who iam or they may be proud

iam just me iam very diffrent i stand up for whats right i do my best to live rightouseness

and with honesty and intergy. iam who iam i am human and i make mistakes and i bleed

there for iam human . i am just me who god had made i dont think god makes mistakes we do .

 i do my best to stand up for the ones that are weak and cant stand up

becalse i wasnt stood up for and i suffred for it people just stood by and watched and said

for the grace of god go  i . well i stand up and i will be counted and if iam wrong i take my

punishment and take it proudly. its better to stand up for what you belive

in then stand there and say nothing for the wrongs done . i dont cry in the closet i stand up

and be counted iam just me.  i do not or will not walk on the backs of the weak people

 i will never take advantage of the old the young or the weak . i sleep well most nights i care

for my fellow man..

some times iam the only one to stand up alone but i know when i stand up for whats

right i know god stands with me so there for iam not really alone.

just like the job i had in fla. i wore a cross it wasnt very big maybe 1 inch big

i hadnt thought any thing of warring it it was likw putting on earrings or something

i liked my little cross and didnt give it it much thought . so the day i was in orationtation

this guy named mosess ,he told me infront of a room full of new people training

with me he said miss you will have to tuck in your cross i was dressed in a pant suit becalse this

was a office job , i asked him to repeat what he said so he did i was stunded i asked him

why do i need to tuck in my cross i looked at the other workers and i asked everyone

does my cross offend any one ? no one spoke up . i told him respectfully no i wont tuck in my cross

 i felted that god was testing me well do i do as i was asked or do i stand up for what i belive

he told me he would wright me up then if i wore the cross again i would

be fired aftrer 3 times being writtien up . this guy was a big tall guy 6'4 and i stood only 5 ft tall

i looked up at him and i said no you cant fire me for my cross thats descrimation and thats

aginsted the law , the room got i didnt know what more to say then this black yonge

girl stood up sir u gona fire me too for my cross too she pulled her big cross out it was big

cross with jesus on it it was so much biger than mine , then a nother young person stood up

 and said he had a pentagram on he asked u gona fire me too i know this cross

if effencive to others he was right ,but i dint say any thing becalse i knew what

they were doing they were standing with me . i smiled and gave them thumbs up

then the boss said well ummm ummm jsut dont push it on any one ware it its ok . the room

bursted out in clapping i told him under the constion of the united states of america he cant

fire us for reliogus reasions i know the law its unconstional .

 the nexk the word got around what all happend and my boss lady had the ten commandets

on her t shirt i gave her a hug and i told her cool shirt , she told me she was poud i stood up to

mossess he was a hard boss to deal with . he was nice to me after that ,that

night a man asked could he set with me i said sure so as we had free time we stalked

james told he was a preacher and it made him poud to work with me a christan lady .

i told him thanks iam just stnading up for what i belive in and i told him i

didnt excpet what happend every one backing me up on my little cross

it made me proud too .

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

well said!

That's the only way to be! You go girl! Don't let anyone tell you who you are. You tell them who you are!