At Work

There's this guy at work who is well into his 50's or 60's and he likes to hit on all the girls there, including me...I kept telling him to shut up and would annoy him and pick on him. One day, I had had enough and was meaning to trip him but got there a second too late and kicked him instead. I had to of hurt because he got real mad which made me happy. He kept telling me not to kick people like that. I just kept telling him that I just did, it's too late and get over it.
He told my manager and she made me apologize. I did but made sure to do it when he was taking orders. I didn't mean it and would do it again. Because after I did that, he's since left me alone, making my work like a lot easier.

Whoever said that violence can't solve your problems laugh
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At least someone else sees things this way :]

hahaha upa you go girl