I Have My Days.. And Today Is Not One Of Them..

I feel as if my soul is twisting inside of itself.. Just churning with self-disappointment, self-resentment, self-dislike, self-loathing, etc etc etc... It won't go away..

I have days where I'm fine. I have days where I'm happy as can be. I have days where I struggle to find a reason to smile and end up just crying all day.. Today is the latter.

My eyes hurt from crying for hours... No one did anything. Nothing at all. But I can't stop crying. I keep finding some teeny thought that sets me off again..

Usually whenever I get really down my best friend cheers me up. He doesn't do much, just acts completely retarded till I start chuckling. He's great for that. I love that man to pieces and am so thankful for him. Only sad thing is that he's been busy.. And that's not his fault. Not one bit. I don't blame him at all. I'm very understanding that he has to help his disabled parents and do other work and whatnot.

And frankly, I'm trying to snap out of it as I type this.

I've stopped crying. And I hope I can stay not crying...

I think too much. And I'm very emotional. And usually if a thought-train plays along the lines of something that could emotionally upset me, and I'm down at the time, it will usually upset me. x_x

I'm sorry if I suddenly got off track and just lost what I was trying to say.. Though, in a way, I didn't really have a definite thing that I needed to say.. o.o Soooo.. I guess I'm just trying to cheer up.. Typing this out helped me a bit..

Either that...or I'm starting to get tired... Yeahhh..... T_T
Ariesgrl21 Ariesgrl21
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012