I Am Unique and Memorable

If you met me on the street I would probably be walking around with a smile on my face and whispering to strangers that i fart in public....

Ofcourse I plan to change the world, i don't know how yet but I will when i need to and then I will be remembered and i will die happy-not that i wouldn't die happy now, i think everyone dies happy because they are finally at peace with themselves....that's another story...anyway

I am definatly attempting to slow down in my life but obviously not my socializing or rambling...I would rather say too much than not enough...

My life will soon be a novel and I hope everyone will be engrossed in knowing just how much I have been through and survived so that misconseptions about 14yo not going through alot will be taboo.

I plan to bring a huge change, I know i will change the world and I know i already have to a couple people who have crossed my path in this journey...

Abrubt as I began I will end.

oxygenhasflaws oxygenhasflaws
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2009