It is just a matter of time...

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If i can't even trust my own mom what are the chances i can trust people ive never met? How ever it is my rule to trust one time until it is broken, so i will trust you.

Yeah it does suck, and it would make me feel better but i have been told that before by everyone and it just a matter of time before it holds up to not be true.

I been telling you through out this entire story navy but you aren't listening. It isn't just friends or hanging out. There is way more to relationships then just that. My mom replaced me with drinking, my dad replaced me with the children he is proud of, my friends got new friends and no longer will speak to me from no fault of my own. People who said they would always be here for me get new friends and are never around when i need them even though i am there for them. It doesn't work the way you think it does.

It doesn't work that way navy.

It doesn't always work that way navy, and it isn't always with friends. I work hard. I am always their for a friend when they need me to be there. I try to help and make my friends smile, it isn't cool the new replace the old. I am like an old dog ignored by the children because a new puppy came into the house despite how good of a friend i been to them.

I don't ever want to be farther down on someones list.

I don't know if all of us will be, i only know i have been replaced by most people my whole life.

So sad, I presume we will all be replaced

Its already happened before. It has happened a lot.

Happens to me all the time. So i guess i fit into some people. <br />
<br />


am not...


That is how life works navy. Someone new comes around then they take the place of the old.

Yeah only one Arorin, but my value to my friends wont always be important.

But there's only one Arorin...right?