My Mother's Buying New Slippers

 Buying Slippers
I need some new sippers." The middle-aged pretty woman said as she stared speculatively at the large display. "A *substantial* pair!"
"You got a pair only six months ago!" Pointed out the young woman beside her. "How can you wear out a pair of slippers in just six months?!"
"Easy!" Laughed the first woman. "On Enda’s bottom!!"
The young woman looked puzzled for a moment before comprehension dawned. "You *spank* Enda with your slippers?!! And you actually wear out a pair of slippers doing it?!"
"Well, he *does* need a *lot* of spankings! He's a *very* naughty boy!" She chuckled as she picked up a sturdy pair of slippers and tested the soles before replacing them. "I need a pair which won't wear out quite so quickly. Maybe *two* pairs!"
The young woman watched on in silent astonishment as the older woman browsed for several minutes before selecting the largest pair of thick, rubber-soled slippers she could find. But there was only one pair of that type on display.                                            Looking round, she finally located a young, pretty assistant and called her over.                                                          "Have you got any more of this style in a size nine?" She asked.
"Not that colour, madam." The girl replied. "Colour isn't important. I don't think he'll care *what* colour they are as long as they're not colouring his bottom red!"
The assistant looked puzzled for a moment. "They're for spanking her son, my fiancé!" The younger woman said helpfully, smiling in delight at the thought. "OH!" The assistant blushed scarlet and fled to the stockroom to look for a pair. She was quickly back and handed a pair of bright red slippers to the waiting woman.
"How apt!" The woman laughed. "I'll take two pairs." She decided, finding it highly amusing to use bright red slippers to spank her sons bare bottom to the same shade!
As soon as they were out of the shop Jennie asked her future mother-in-law to tell her *everything* about this spanking business.
Susie laughed delightedly at her son’s fiancé's curiosity. She had a strong feeling she would soon be teaching her a thing or two about her 'intended'. "Well, Enda’s been a real handful. My mother told me he needed discipline and suggested I spank him. I did, and it worked marvellously!... For a while!"
By this time they were sipping coffee at a quiet coffee shop. The young girl behind the counter listening in unabashed fascination.
"Within a couple of weeks he needed another 'reminder' And soon I was having to take him across my lap once or twice a month, to keep him in line. By the time he was 26 it was averaging out at about once a week.
By this time, of course, he was too used to a spanking with my hand - too big too. So I started using a ruler or a hairbrush. But I didn't like them - they tended to bruise too much. Then I tried my slipper - much better! I soon found a pair which gave the maximum sting and redness without too much bruising - rubber-soled!"
"WOW!" Exclaimed Jennie in wonder. "And using a slipper stopped him needing so many spankings?"
"Not at all!" Susie retorted. "He was still just as naughty but I could now spank him more frequently without fear of harming him. Now, he gets two or three spankings a week!!"
"Crikey! I never suspected a thing!" Jennie was dumbfounded.
"Well, now you know, I suppose there's no point in hiding his spankings from you any more. Besides, when you married, I have a feeling you just might need some advice on the subject!" She paused thoughtfully. "Look, are you free this afternoon?"
"Yes, why?"
"Well, Enda is due for a spanking today for not washing up last night.
Why don't you come home with me and..."
"OK!" Jennie tried not to seem *too* eager - but failed!
"Right! Come on."
The two women left, leaving the assistant agog at their conversation. Soon they reached home only to find the subject of their discussion lounging on the sofa watching TV, a mess all round him.
"Oh! Hi, mum! Jennie! I didn't expect you back so soon!" The 19 year old said, flustered.
"So I see, young man!" Susie said crossly. "And I see I shouldn't have put off your spanking as well!"
"Mum!" Enda cried, mortified that his mother could mention spanking in front of his fiancé.
"Oh, don't worry about Jennie, young man! She knows *all* about your spankings!"
Enda blushed and squirmed in his seat as his mother and fiancé both smiled in delight at his discomfort. But before he could protest further his mum took on her stern, spanking aspect.
"Now don't be such a silly baby! You know you're in for a spanking and you're going to get a spanking! And *I* will decide if and who watches you get spanked!!"
Enda knew better than to argue with his mother when she was in her spanking mood; nothing but *nothing* would deflect her from spanking his bare bottom! But that didn't stop his acute embarrassment at the prospect of being spanked in front of his fiancé!!
"And as a special 'treat' I bought a pair of new slippers!" She seemed to croon.
Enda’s heart sank as Jennie opened the bag she was holding as produced the new slippers, the bright red colour not lost on the naughty lads realisation.
"Now." Said Susie brusquely. "Get yourself ready and we'll see if wecan't turn your bare bottom the same shade!!"
Susie and Jennie laughed while a scowling Enda reluctantly shed his clothing and soon stood before the two smiling women wearing only a blush.
Jennie watched dry-mouthed, as her mother-in-law sat down on the chair that she said she always uses to sit on while spanking Enda, she sat down then raised her skirt so that her black stockings and suspenders were showing not her skirt as he sometimes “***’s” while he is being spanked, her nude fiancé dutifully laid himself across his mothers waiting lap, offering his bare bottom to her stinging ministrations.
Once she had him comfortably settled in just the right position Susie began in her usual manner.  "Why are you across my lap?" She asked pointedly, resting the new slipper against his clenched buttocks.
"Because I've been naughty, mum." Enda mumbled, knowing the routine almost as well as she.
"And how have you been naughty?"
"I forgot to do the washing up, mum." He expanded reluctantly, very conscious of his fiancé's interested gaze.
"And what am I going to do, young man?!"
"You're going to spank me." This said almost petulantly.
"Do you think you deserve to be spanked?"
"Yes, mum."
"I'm waiting.."
"I've been a very naughty boy, mum." Definitely petulant! "Please spank my bare bottom!"
"With pleasure!" Susie replied gleefully and brought to slipper down to smack loudly against his right bottom cheek.
Jennie jumped slightly at the sound. Then she leaned forward to get a closer look as Susie delivered another smack to his left cheek.
Already she could see the faint pink blush of the first spank suffusing his bottom.
Susie spanked slowly, letting the slipper rest where it had impacted for several seconds before lifting it to deliver the next spank. Between spanks she scolded Enda in a trite voice, treating him as though he were still a little boy (He is 34). "It's very naughty to disobey mummy" SMACK! "And naughty little boys get spanked" SMACK! "spanked long and hard" SMACK! "On their bare bottoms!", SMACK! "MY! I'm enjoying this!" SMACK! "Turning your bare bottom bright red!" SMACK! "Red and stinging hot!" SMACK!
On and on she spanked, settling into a rhythm, smacking each cheek in turn and covering every inch of the wriggling Enda’s bared bottom.
After only a dozen smacks his whole bottom was suffused with a glowing pink blush. Jennie watched in fascination as Susie then began spanking the same area again and again, causing Enda to begin huffing and panting in reaction. Jennie noticed that Susie was concentrating the spanks on the lower curves of his bottom, where cheek meets thigh.
Soon that area had turned a brighter red than the rest. Then Susie spread the smacks across his whole bottom again, bringing the colour up to match the 'sweet spot'.
By the time she had reached fifty stinging spanks Enda’s bare bottom was an even shade of bright red, peppered with scarlet-red dots. During this whole time she had continued scolding Enda like a little boy. She paused, slightly out of breath.
"There! Now you're all warmed up...!"
"Please, mummy! No...!"
But it was too late. Susie brought the slipper down hard and fast, spanking the base of each cheek with rapid-fire smacks which had Enda yelling lustily. A dozen scorching smacks in the space of ten seconds.
Jennie watched agog as Susie rested her palm on her fiancé's scorched and bright red bottom, breathing deeply as she contemplated her handy-work.
After several minutes Susie looked up at Jennie and smiled the smile of a zealot satisfied at a job well done. "Could you pass me the bottle of the mantelpiece please, Jennie?"
"Oh mum! No!!" Enda protested.
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! four blistering spanks landed in response to his protest, all aimed at the centre of his reddened bottom.
Jennie reached onto the mantelpiece and took down a small bottle labelled 'Dragons Blood'.                                                                                                                      She was curious.
Susie explained as she took the bottle and began liberally smearing the thick dark liquid all over Enda’s spank-reddened bottom.                                                          "This stuff is deep heat for muscular pains. But I've found that it prolongs the heat and sting for a spanked bottom superbly! Not only that, it also sensitizes his bottom!"                                                                                                                 "There!" She added, delivering an affectionate smack to Enda’s red bottom. "Off you go!"
Enda struggled up off his mothers lap and sheepishly made his way to the corner of the room, as usual. Jennie could not fail to notice his erection, which seemed to be twice the size of anything she had seen before!!!
Susie noticed Jennie's stare.
"Don't worry about that, dear." She said dismissively. "It's quite normal for Enda to get an erection when I spank him!"
Jennie thought it was anything *but* normal! She began to wonder about her future husband.
Susie chatted on about his spankings, seemingly endlessly enthusiastic about frequency, length, severity and method until Jennie was quite bemused by the whole thing. But, curiously, she could not keep her eyes off Enda’s red spanked bare bottom. Nor her mind off the massive erection he still sported!
Some half hour later, Susie glanced significantly over at her son in the corner and said (with some relish), "I think it's time our naughty boy got himself back across my lap, don't you Jennie?!"
Jennie was given no chance to reply for Enda, well used to this routine, was submissively doing his mothers bidding.
"Now, in this part of his spanking," Susie said, feeling the heat reddened flesh of his bottom expertly, "I use my hand to rekindle the stinging heat of earlier."
And with that she began spanking her sons bare bottom lustily, resting her palm against his stinging bottom briefly between smacks. This continued for some five minutes before, panting, she stopped and examined her target area carefully.
Enda, for his part, was very close to tears and was wriggling his hot stinging bottom in an almost lascivious manner.
Jennie was all but hypnotised by her fiancé's writhing red bottom, her mind in a state of wonderment and arousal.
"Now for the finale!" Susie crowed eagerly. She picked up the slipper and rested it on her sons scolded nates. "Fifty, I think! Ready, my lad?!"
Reluctantly Enda nodded and gritted his teeth in expectation.
He wasn't disappointed! Susie brought the slipper down in a searing SMACK! right in the centre of his reddened bare bottom, eliciting a muffled gasp from the wriggling lads lips.
After a few seconds pause the second SMACK! landed at the base of his right cheek. The another to his left cheek. Centre, left, right. Again and again the slipper stung his bare bottom in a slow cadence of scorching hot pain, each smack building on the previous impact until Enda was blubbering uncontrollably, begging Susie to stop.
Jennie, however, was completely entranced by the sight of her fiancé getting an expert spanking from his mother and was almost disappointed when the spanking came to an end.
"I'm sorry, mummy!" Enda blubbered. "I'm sorry I was such a naughty boy."
Susie rested the slipper on her sons roasted bottom, unimpressed by his apology.                                                                                                                                "Yes. NOW you're sorry! But what about tomorrow?" She chided, knowing her son all too well. "I've no doubt you'll soon be back across my lap for another stinging session with this slipper, my lad!"
"I won't! Honest!" He sobbed, meaning it.
But Jennie realised that Susie was right; Enda was one of those inveterate naughty boys who would need frequent spankings to keep him in line. She also realised that, once they were married, it would be up to *her* to keep him in line. The thought of having him across *her* lap and spanking his pert bare bottom was one she found very appealing indeed! So much so, in fact, that her panties were becoming decidedly damp! And now that she knew just how he should be punished, she was determined to follow in her future step-mothers footsteps and keep him in line.
Meanwhile, Susie had not, quite, finished spanking her sobbing lad!
"Why have you been spanked?" She asked sternly of her son.
"B... Because I was nn..naughty.." He stammered.
"Do you think you deserved this spanking?"
"Y... Yes, mum.."
SMACK! "I'm waiting!"
"OW! Th... thank you for su.. spanking me, mum!" Enda cried, wrigglingacross her lap in a vain attempt to assuage the sting in his scolded bottom.
"Then, SMACK! remember, SMACK! not SMACK! to SMACK! be SMACK! Naughty SMACK! in SMACK! future SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!" Susie scolded, bringing the slipper down to punctuate each word with mighty, searing spanks.
Enda howled at each spank, blubbering uncontrollably as the lowest curve of his writhing bottom came in for some truly blistering spanks.
Having now completed his spanking, Susie pushed him from her lap and sat watching in quiet amusement as her well-spanked son danced about the room, clutching his scolded bottom as though it were on fire.
Enda felt that it was!
Jennie watched also, smiling broadly at his humiliating antics. She was not slow to notice that he still sported an erection; indeed, if anything, it had grown bigger!
"Right, my lad! Get that well-spanked bottom in the corner!" Susie commanded after a few moments. "I have no interest in seeing that horrid... thing!... swinging about everywhere! I want to see that scarlet-red bottom on display!!"
Jennie, by now quite aroused, would have preferred to take advantage of that impressive erection! But she was content to stare avidly at his extremely well-spanked bare bottom - for the time being!
Medici, blushing...
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NICE story can relate to aspects of that story! could have been my bottom being spanked!

Mommy Mommy I love your story! But after the good spanking you gave me you left me all alone! Can you come back and take more care or me, maybe with a girlfriend?<br />

I'm not usually into women-spanking-men material but this was a rare exception. Well written and brava!