Another Lonely V Day Without Dorothy

Well I guess I should get used to it or just get over it, whatever!!

This is the second Valentine's Day in a row I've spent without the woman I Love dearly! Lat year we were broke up, the year before that she broke up with me via email on V day! At the time she said it was just another day to her!? I wonder how she would have felt if the shoe were on the other foot?

Today really SUCKS for me in another way. My ex-wife (15 years together) were married on the 14th! Just a bit of advise for all you young folks out there. Unless you plan on being married the rest of your life don't do as I did!!!! Plus the last Valentine's we were together I bought her a very nice and expensive anniversery ring, Flowers, Godiva Chocolates the whole nine yards, wrote her a poem too. Three weeks later she asked me for a divorce!

So bottom line, I'm staying home working on a remodeling project today! BAH HUMBUG on V's Day for me! I think I have just about enough Crown to get drunk as hell tonight!!

Cheers everyone, OBTW Dorothy I hope you followed the link I sent you to this site and read this! You are a very cruel person when you want to be!! But I still Love who you can be when you want too.

BrknHrtdTexan BrknHrtdTexan
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Well good news I guess. Another Valentine's day has past and the pain is not nearly as bad. Oh and by the way she sent my this quitsh email "oh Alan you still hold a special ......." . I called her later and told her to just stay away!

Someone please tell me when it will ever end!!?? I have not even seen or talked to this woman in 6 months now and I still can't get her out of my head! I've even dated some and even gotten involved sexually with another woman a couple of time. Why to I compair how I feel about them how I felt about her?