Almost Doesn't Count.

I've almost been so many things.

I've almost accomplished so many goals.

I've almost captured a thousand memories.

I've almost inspired a million smiles.

It's almost time for my life to begin. It's close and it's closing in so quickly. And, some days, I feel the need to force it to slow down. But, I can't. And it's hard. I'm almost ready, but not quite. I'm almost sure what I'm going to do, but not yet. I'm almost in touch with the person I want to be, yet she is still so distant.


Almost doesn't count.

copasetic copasetic
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 4, 2007

Written honestly, and well.<br />
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And are we all not almost on the verge of something, right up until the very last instant? We never quite ready until that final, minute addition just at that final moment - and then we are ready, and it is almost no longer; completion.