New Year, New Dreams, New Thought Process

I have finally decided that things will be different in my life. I am working harder at obtaining the things that I desire. I recently watch a video entitled " How Bad Do You Want it?"

Watching this video made me realize that I really have been doing the "P" word...procrastinating. Yes, I admit as hard as it is to admit.

I realize more now than before that if I continue to do the same things then I will get the same results so that is why I must change.

I have a really decent online job. I started off really well due to excitement of seeing the money coming in but then I let myself get off track. My mission is to be successful at whatever I do. Definitely working on the internet because I wish to be able to stay home and work.

I am committed to keep myself encouraged. How? I listen to motivational tips daily, read the bible, pray, repeat affirmations daily. So far they are all working!

Rab4116 Rab4116
41-45, F
Jan 7, 2013