Artemisia Gentileschi

In 1999 while studying Art illustration I went on a college trip to London.  In the National Art Gallery I saw a small painting of a Young man by Antonello Da Messina and couldn't take my eyes of it.  I tried to understand why I felt I knew this man and sat there in a trance like pose trying to lift the veil of knowings.  I drew a blank.

About ten years later my mum found a photo of me when I was 18 years old which looked identical to this young man in Antonello's painting.  I wrote to 'Take a Break' magazine in the hope their psychics could give me some yes or no answers.  Was I this man in the painting? Was I the artist? Or did I know this person? I was hoping the magazine psychic team could help me. I didn't get any answers, although they kindly published the story.


Still curious to know the truth I was pleased to see Sunshine Rose's video akashic readings on youtube.  I just had to ask Rose if she could look into my records and see if I was this man in the painting or the artist? Rose found that I wasn't this man or the artist. That I'd had a mirror image moment, looking at someone so looking like me and being an artist soul.  I was pleased with this answer, but felt there's still something much deeper.

I decided to meditate and ask my higher soul self for answers.  I'm not always good at this, my mind is mainly on busy, but it was important enough to try.  I heard an inner voice say "Hieronymus Bosch" .

In January 2011, I asked Rose if she could see why I was given this name.  This next reading was to be the most revealling of all and held so many answers to my life now. Rose found the reason I recieved the name Hieronymus Bosch:-  I'd studied art history in a past life and this is the reason why so many artists and paintings are important to me.

Rose saw that I use to be Artemisia Gentileschi 1593-1653.  I'd never heard of her, even though I'd studied 'A' level Art History along side of an ND Illustration course.

 In my teens I became obbsessed with cutting my hair short.  I felt no one really noticed me and would do this often as a shock factor to myself and for others.  Eventually my mum hid the scissors.

When I heard Rose say Artemisia made herself look like a boy when she was refused into art school, my hands went to mouth in gasp. My hair cutting obbsession!


I married my first husband, David in 1985.

We broke up at one point and all I could think and cry about was the fact that I was used goods and no one else would have me. Atemisia's father, Orazio used a similar arguement through court of the rape of Artmeisia by Tassi.  I feel sad sometimes that I didn't fully understand at the time, this could of saved much heart ache. We did marry and divorce eight years later.


In the mid 1990's I visited the Uffuzi art Gallery in Florence with my second husband, Kris.  It was his college 'Fashion Design' course study trip and the college so kindly let me tag along.

While in the Uffuzi, I froze at seeing a painting called 'Judith Slaying Holofernes'.  At the time I didn't know the painting's name or the artist, Artemisia Gentileschi.  I asked Kris, if we could miss this room altogether.

While in Florence I felt I knew the place and some of the buildings. I found myself staring at them but no knowing why.

Kris and I later divorced, he needed to be his true self.


After finding about Artemsia I searched on the internet for her history.  One of the amazing finds about my names in this life... they are the english sounding versions to Artemisia's two surviving brothers Guilio and Francesco.  My birth names are Julie-ann Frances.  These names I feel are to help me verify and help me in this life.

I'm a cancerian and wear a bun in my hair. I went to art college at the age of 31/32.  First year GCSE Art 1998 and Illustration between 1999/2001.


In this life I only went to one life drawing class. I hated it so much and would not go to college on these days. I found drawing nudes an awful and unnessary experience and I didn't know why.  Artemisia and her nude art was ripped to pieces in a long court battle with charges of rape against the artist Tassi.
Below are some photo matches of me and Artemisia.

Also wish to show you a photo of my hubby,Mark, we met in 1999.  He looks so much like Caravaggio, the artist who influenced Artemisia's artistic style.  I finally found my soul mate.














 During a meditation to see some of Artmisia's life I saw the time before she painted Susannah and the Elders in 1610.  I was stood in a large room with many male artists and female models. Some large paintings where being created on the wall and some on easels. There was a bed to the left where I stood and an easel before it and another to the right side of me. There was a man and women having sex without caring there were others in the room.  Another man was caressing a model around her ear and she was giggling. Some artists carried on painting like nothing was going on.  I was so disgusted with how weak men are and that women let them.  Realising why Artemisia painted Susannah and the Elders the way she did.  

As a child I had a vision:  I saw myself sat at a large old plain wooden table next to two boys. A man was talking to us while standing next to a wooden easel.  When Rose shared the past life of Artemisia, I looked her history up on internet and found she had two surviving brothers. This vision now made sense to me. I was seeing part of my past life learning from my then father, Orazio.  I also saw that one of her favourite dresses was light blue shinny huge dress, even though she liked painting golden dresses.  I saw the sleeves and felt the largness of it. It seemd like satin.   A big thing for Artmisia was seeing a roll of canvas arriving and a horse and cart.  These seem little to history but they felt huge to witness.  I was also aware of Artemisia going up some sprial stairs where she stayed in london.  That it was a private part of this place and a little bit kept on the secret side.



My son Luke found a picture of Claude Lorraine thinking it looked like Mark my hubby. Soon as I saw it I knew it looked like Luke and thought maybe he found himself.  There are several people in my family look like people who lived around Artemisia, not all are the same souls. 

Rose found that Luke was Claude Lorrain.


I can't find out about everyone in my family, who they were in Artemisia's life. I'm wondering now whether the clues are in my names. My mum gave me the name Julie-ann and my dad, Frances. I'm wondering if they called me the names of whom they were in this past life, my brothers.  We are soul families who come and share many lives together. Somewhere along my family or friends must be Orazio or Galileo etc. I would love to know more and frustrates me a little not knowing everything.  I'm hoping one day I'll remember my life and be able to share more.


Although my art is very different from Artemisia's you can see a soul signiture:


I don't wish to be famous and never have.  My goal in life,  is to know the truth.  The truth about our existance and purity.

I've found out much more than I'd ever have imagined. 
This doesn't stop me, I still want to know and share more.  

I know that maybe the reincarnation of Artemisia is going to be missed and only yet again after death will be understood. Such is human life, this maybe part my acceptance journey?
I now know that who you are, are many life times and the whole sum of you more than you realise.
 Rose helped me understand myself and I feel like my petals are starting to bloom and open up.

My journey is not finished here..... I'll be having many more lives and one which I'll be another artist in 3040 in New York(maybe a new New York).  Name Cynthia Walters(Waters). I write this for myself as well as others.....! We are many life times, enjoy your freedom of soul and no longer hold back and fulfil your dreams. YOU! 

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Nov 7, 2011