And The Greatest Of These Is Love

Thank the Lord.

Thank a Father,
Thank a Mother,
Thank a Teacher,

Thank a Farmer and be grateful in all things.


For without Him, nothing is possible,
but with Him,..... ALL things are possible.

Give praise to your  birth Father for instiling in you right from wrong and for properly showing you how to do with all of your might whatsover you shall find to do with your hands, that you may know hard work and reap its rewards.

  Love your Mother first and foremost ,and  Thank your Mother for teaching you Love, sympothy, empathy and compassion so that you may always,..without a step missed ,help an out streched hand that may not be so blessed as you. In doing so He will see that you may with joy and  compassion  you shed a tear at the birth of a new life and one in time at the passing of old. So too that you may recognize suffering and be grateful for all that you have for you are indeed VERY Blessed and are able to reap the rewards of Gods Love. Mother shows comfort in time of need and tenderness in all things as she is genlte.. as is your Lord with you. She nurtures your spirit so that it may be free.
   To The Teacher give thanks as you need,.. for they open the door to the mind so that you may begin to think, and become who you were always intended to be.

     Teachers are the key holders to the clasroom of life.
 Say Thank you, for they care insomuch as to do for you so and so does HE.

 I Pray that these words fall gentle upon my lifes spiritual ears and may it clear the eyes of my companion soul.

  Let us not forget the Farmer.


A humble and righeteous Man in all of His ways, all of the days he walks upon theland under light of the sun until it rise again, he tills and waters and tends the land with great care, keeping away the wolves and predators of the dark, and with abundant Love so that all men shall be filled, and with satisfied belly.

Man will not go hungry if he plant a seed, for The Lord Will cause it to grow in due season and it Will produce a satisfaction for the soul that it's fruits may be received well and multiplied.

        A Farmer will ask not for praise, but give it in its stead gratefully and on bended knee and rightly so.He is to take care of His garden, supervised with Love and sheltered with cloud only to be kissed by His heavenly rain and warmed by the sublte light of the His tender Son.
   Farming is the greatest gift of all, a very productive way of life that is earned with laborous task, so special that the Father hath bestowed upon not just any one man.

   As did he appoint the tiller of the land, He named Adam (meaning of ruddy complexion, tanned by the Sun) and the Garden of Paradise called Eden where the everlasting Tree of Life took centerpiece. For this precious garden he FORMED a Man after all creation of mankind,..from the very dust of the Earth did He Breath life into this shell so that this one Man may live in and be part of it as it is inside of his very being just as the Lord was within him a Man betrothed to Love the Land.

 Farming is not an easy job, nor would keeping a Paradise be..But try they do so verily and so full of all of their hearts and of all of their very being, is of Love and of life and of all of the beauty that was set forth for us to enjoy as our Father finds Joy in each of His deeds, we, His children,... of you and of me so that we may know Him and feel the Love he gives so freely and mercifully.

So we too may show our Father the Gratitude and Respect and Reverent Love that He created us for and does so deeply crave,... and IS worthy.

This is HOW I Love My Cowboy.

No need to say why.

By all of the breath inside of me, he is my Love, and i thank thee.


xxoo Love Always, your Knoa
PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
46-50, F
Apr 25, 2011