No Matter What Or Who.

Before we were together my fiance has been though hell and back, even now he's still working his way through the twisted tunnel he's found himself in.
He was kicked out of home because he didn't want to join the family business (Ironic how he's now working in it...)
He was engaged to someone else at 18. That ended because she decided to get rid of the child she was carrying because it'd interfere with her figure and uni course. The next relationship he entered into was one he's only just being able to talk about. She beat him up quite badly. And a lot of the time. He's the sort of man that wont hit a woman even if it's in self defense. And the damage she did to him both physically and mentally was horrible. That ended because she got tired of the arguments. Along comes his ex before me. She was a complete psycho. she worked for the police, as a civilian in an office. But she abused her power and looked up peoples records. She was restricting who he could see and where he could go. They broke up but remained F*** Buddies. Along comes me, she slapped me accross the face when she found out we were together and then one night she tried feeling him up right in front of me. That was the last straw and I kicked her out. He backed me 100%.

After all of this he's still the kind compassionate man he's always been. He'll come home and if James (our one year old) needs changing he'll do that. He holds me if I'm crying and always puts us first. He discovered I am a sub and after looking into it agreed to be my master. And I will serve and protect him until the day comes that he tells me to leave (However as he's marring me this year...) I doubt that he's going to tell me to.
xiannashae xiannashae
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010