Reunion Of Old Freinds And New:

This story starts out by telling you all that I have dearly missed my old friends. I realised this about the time I decided to pull together a class reunion

after 38 yrs.  Alot of my classmates never had a class reunion. So I thought what a great idea to try one last time to get us together.

The idea of missing my friends popped into my head like a light bulb going off. People get so involved with their families and their life that friends some how go to the way side.

Getting involved in such a project like this made me realise how much I missed the friends I knew growing up. The things we did back then and going through school together and we can't forget the sporting events we had together.

Time has gone by but by haveing this reunion comeing up has brought me to a whole new start again with the ones I knew. I have already spoken to many before this reunion and have tried to play catch up with them. I bet a person could write a book on all our lives and the things we have been through.

And out of the whole situation I get to meet the new friends that are their families now. It's called a cicle of life with your friends.

Yes friends that are your true friends no matter what will be there. I look forward to my new adventure of renewing the old friends with the new.

May you all find your happiness among yourself and your friends. What a great life.      Haunted5

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Feb 22, 2010