I Will Be Here Until You Dont Want Me

So I love all my ep freinds as I consider them family if I dont speak to you alot it doesnt mean I dont wana talk to you it means that I feel like a bother and that in my mind ill lose a very important friend.one thing I learned growing up was that talk as less as possible my friends said if u wana keep some beloved and basically if I feel some type of negative auora ill talk to you to find out whats wrong but as a friend or whatever you consider me ill always stand by your side even if you get into a fight and your wrong ill back you up and im here for one purpose to help people out because no one should be alone Im learning that still growing up and detached from my family and ill be here until I accomplish one goal that has to be achieved making every childs or kids childhood safe fun and awesome and I dont want any child to go through what I did and until my ep and my regular physicaly see able friends say I dont have to help anymore and I have a gang thay stops bullying but basically im gonna,help every mid in the world have an amazing childhood until I dir which I feel is coming soon because if the two white guys and one black guy who robbed me for my phone and bad guns didnt kill me than ill see what god has in store for me
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Jan 22, 2013