Honesty Makes It All Worth While.

Honesty makes life and love real.  I wouldn't like or appreciate what I have if it wasn't for that.  I never was able to be dishonest other than my drug using days to keep my habit going.  Even then, I wasn't fooling anyone.  I need to be honest to be real and as hard as it can be, it also brings me true happiness and intimacy.  Who would want it to be any other way?

WarriorMom WarriorMom
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I agree with you both, it's being responsible with it that matters.

Good for you! But I think there are times when honesty can be a 2 edged sword and a little white lie would be better.<br><br />
Like when I asked my (now ex) g/f if she would miss me if I died tomorrow? Her answer was "gimme something to miss".<br><br />
And that cut to the bone. I still don't know how she meant it. I was like WTF? Been 2 years since then and I still think about it. And at the time, I didn't really talk to her for almost a week. Except for simple yes or no answers to questions that had to be answered.<br><br />
I guess I should add that we had been living together for a year at that time. And were high school sweethearts 35 years ago that just reunited again in 2000 when I left a wife to be with her. That was a disaster. Then we got back together again in 06 and another disaster.