Setting A Firm Date For Myself

Over the past few days I had another awakening and it concerns my being true to who I am as a human being. Lots of changes going on lately that became a bit overwhelming. So many that I lost a bit of focus and so I took some time to figure out why I was feeling down.

My property is up for sale. Offers but nothing in writing yet. Other matters pending that are taking energy. I am a person who likes a firm path and concrete answers but having so much in others hands had left me worrying and in a state of unrest that left me physically and emotionally drained. It felt as if I was standing at a locked door with no key to open it and then I had an awakening.

I practice the Law of Attraction and was letting this go a bit due to the many elements swirling around in my life. This is what I realized today. What I needed to do was make a date with my future. Pick a day on the calendar when I would move on to my true life and work from this present day to that one. It is a reasonable time frame and very empowering. Any matters unresolved by this future date can be taken care of from a distance. I have retained a realtor and attorney and am paying them to look out for my interests. I do not have to continue to live this life that is robbing me of so much to attain my goals. I am not trapped and do have choices! The key to this locked door is in my hand and I am putting this key in the lock and opening up that door to my true and much wanted life. That feels great!

My present way of living is a lie and is robbing me of joy. I no longer belong here and feel this every day. I am compromising who I am by wanting things tied up in a nice package when what I most needed was to take a firm mental stand on a definite time frame. I shared this with others today who understand and support my decision. The moments in life are ticking by and I will not allow myself to spend one more day here than necessary. Have certain things that must be accomplished and these are things I choose to do because they will make the future easier but the ones that are in the hands of others will be resolved in their own time and I let them go now.

Today I am so happy. I feel this surge of energy and peace inside of my body. Laughed so much. Walked with confidence. Did things nurturing for my body and spirit and all because I chose to set a date on the calendar for allowing me to live as my true self in my true life. A decision that is exciting and empowering and a necessary part of my journey in moving forward.

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I agree Enna! The past few years have opened up my eyes to what life can be instead of what was. My journey has given me a better awareness of what people go through in their own lives. Your life and your decisions have helped me so much in the realization that we have tremendous power to bring about change for happiness that is not selfish but the right of every person who has walked through the darkness and anger of pain to the other side that is filled with self respect and love. <br />
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One very important thing I have learned is that I do not have to carry everything on my shoulders anymore. That there are people who will help me carry the load especially one very special person that you and I know and that I do honor to this very special person with faith and trust and allowing and love. <br />
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Since I made this firm date with myself I have noticed a growing respect from those close to me. People see my determination clearly. The universe recognizes this and I feel uplifted and filled with joy. Blessings and thank you,D.

Way to go, D! Time enough to leave your present situation - "No doubt the universe will unfold"!!!

Thank you Evania for your comment. I agree that this is a gift and one that I am giving to myself. There is something very powerful about making a definite date with my future. For us all, it doesn't matter if our personal dates are weeks or months or even a year away. Once this personal commitment is made, all actions and events will work towards this happening.<br />
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Some of us might chose to draw up a longer plan due to life circumstances. I did this as a five year plan some years back. My journey to realization has been filled with so many events that all point forward. Now it is appropriate for me to look on 2010s calendar and circle a day for my new life to begin. Events over the past few months have shown me that my time fr<x>ame is workable and has given me emotional relief. <br />
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I also found a book at a local library about speaking to others in a way that clearly shows my focus and determination. To present my future to all concerned parties as a given and to work together to bring this about in a way that shows respect and strength for myself and also them. Take time to consider my interactions as coming from a position of strength and knowledge and choosing my words as a reflection of where I am going to be in my life very soon. <br />
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Sisterly hugs back to you, Evania.

I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will read this again. It has some energy to it. I TOTALLY relate. This is so wonderful. I could congratulate you, and was going to, but I think these things are more like Gifts. But without a doubt there is also an element of pursuing Truth that fosters this kind of rebirth. I wish you all the best. Let me know. I'd love to hear. :-) Sisterly hug, E.