From Husband To Sissy Baby

i had been with Betty for two years and from the start she knew about my cross dressing and my bed wetting which meant i wore nappies for bed. she soon got used to my cross dressing and even bought my underwear and helpd me with my hair and make up and we often spent days with me dressed as a woman. at bed time she would often put my nappy on me and often changed me when i was wet but that was as far as she went and would not have any thing to do with me being an adult baby.
then one day i had an accident at work and ended up with both my arms in plaster unable to do any thing for my self. betty had to dress me and feed me and even help me when i needed the toilet. Betty seemed to be coping and never moaned until one day when she went to the corner shop. i was busting to pee and tried to wait but ended up wetting my self while stood in the kitchen. so when Betty returned i was stood in a puddle of my own urine my trousers soaking wet. i was red with embarresment when betty saw the state i was in. she looked me in the eye and said "i can't leave you for five minutes with out you peeing your self like a little baby."
she pulled my trousers down to my ankles and had me step out of them and told me to go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for her while she mopped up the mess. i stood next to our bed naked except for my t shirt when betty came into the room. she sat on the edge of the bed and had me lay across her lap and she spanked my bare arse hard. the first few smacks stung and had me squirming but as much as it stung it was also turning me on. i had often asked Betty to spank me but she never had until now. she only stopped when her hand was sore. she then had me stand up and removed my t shirt before ordering me to lay on the bed. she then placed a disposable nappy under my bum and liberaly sprinkled me with talc before fastening my nappy. next she put a pair of pink rubber pants on me and then a short pink night gown. she then put me into bed and said she was going to treat me like a baby seeing as i was acting like one. that was the start of some great times.
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wow awesome you are very blessed to have such a wonderful wife.

You have a great wife

What a lovely story. You are very lucky indeed. <br />
<br />
Aunty Jaz xx