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You'll See

I have let you down time after time

You have seen me do wrong when I could have done right

You have seen me be weak when I could have been strong

But now you will see I have changed

I will gently urge you forward and support you

It has always been true

That I really really love you
Orangetas Orangetas 51-55, F 9 Responses Jun 30, 2012

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That is beautiful and straight from the heart.

Thank you :)

I read this story a while ago but forgot to come back and comment. It made me actually cry, what with the simplicity of it and the sincerity and the...message. I was grabbing for the tissues. I love it. It is a work of art, a love poem.



Wow, I really felt that. God I wish my guy could read that & be there. Beautifully written :-)

Oh, thank you :)

Good for you Tas. Although i'm not sure who this tender poem is for.

Oh this was beautiful and soothing.. My Love needs to hear something like this from me!!



Reconciliation is just the word I was looking for... and it reveals commitment.

~ beautiful, relaxing S I G H ~ <br />
<br />
This makes me feel healing and reconciliation. <br />
<br />