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Hartford, Connecticut

     Here I am. At home sitting on my porch and all my drawings are spread out on the stairs. I'm saying to myself. Who are going to look at these? I have been drawing since the first grade. Of course back than they weren't the best drawings. But over time my drawing has improved. So I talk to my sisters Jessica and Malaysia and ask them what they thought about my drawings. As them looked through the book they picked out everything they would wear if I had my own line of clothing. So that to me meant they liked the designs.

     When I draw I try doing originals. If I got an idea, I stop everything that I'm doing and get the sketchbook and pencil and draw my behind off. Sometimes I sit there until 12 in the morning or it may just take that hour. I'm very dedicated to my designs. Even if it just a drawing a week. I admire it. So I talked to my mom and she says you are a very talented person. But remember you always have to plan B. And you know what she was correct. Plan B was to become Travel Registered Nurse some people call them Floating RN. Plan C which was to become a Cosmetologist. I had to have my ground plans lined up.

I get on the computer do my research for all three plans. And you know what that my favorite thing is to read. I'll read anything. The best thing that I did was told my mother about her disease she had and she was asking me questions and I was answering them like I was a doctor. My mom was so proud of me. And all I could do was be proud of myself also.

I was looking for internships in Connecticut. There is nothing here. But if you were looking to be a weather forecaster, we have a lot of that here. If you looking for a relaxing spot come to Connecticut. This will be a good place people to come see. Anyways, so I was looking for some textile, art, or sewing classes (Professional) and that was hard to find. So the next place was New York. It was the next best state that was close and was the fashion capital. I was turned off because New York is the state that never sleeps, honesty it was just too messy for me. So after that I looked at the earthquake state Los Angeles. I looked at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I said this will be a great place for me. 

All I can do is hope that I can get accepted into the institute. I come from a middle-class family, with not that many opportunities, so even if it at least work in the area of Fashion. I would greatly appreciate it. Since many opportunities don't come my way-that often.

Written by: Anndreya Williams-Mitchell Hartford, CT


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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I'm young and most of my family think fashion designing doesn't give a proper life and they want me to become something like a doctor but I don't want to and I am going to prove that I will fulfill this life longdream

i have always wanted to be fashion designer/sewer since i wqs 5 im ready to take on this dream again ive been sewing for 1 year now i loveeeeee it more power to u u can do it