Festively Plump...

So a group of my Friends, and myself, started this fitness thing. We started because a local fitness center is hosting a weight loss challenge. The top prize for biggest "body transformation" is five thousand dollars. Most of the people I know could stand to lose a few pounds, and some of them could stand to lose a few dozen pounds, but anyway. So we started and it is now a month into it and all I've lost is thirteen pounds. I now weigh two hundred and eighteen pounds. My goal weight is somewhere between one eighty and one ninety. The hard part is that here in North Dakota, the winters last anywhere from five to six months. Do you know how difficult it is to get motivated to exercise when everything is covered in snow and it's freezing outside? Well let me tell you, it's pretty damned difficult. Although, I guess thirteen pounds is'nt that bad for the first month, but i hoped for better results. Some of the people that have joined have already lost well over twenty pounds. This contest ends the second week of June, so by then I hope to be thinner with better muscle definition and all that. Time to get off my *** and get that fat burning. Anyone have any suggestions on how to lose weight fairly quick? 

dafairygodfaduh dafairygodfaduh
Feb 20, 2010