One Exception To My Block Rule:

Usually I only block people who are rude and abusive or inappropriate with me in our interactions, but I will make an exception:

Posters with racist or offensive avatars, like swastikas, confederate flags, blackface caricatures, monkeys with the president's face superimposed, or comparable usernames, will likely be blocked by me. Someone too insensitive to realise that's offensive is probably not a person I'd get along with. 
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I haven't see this kind of crap here, or if I did I insulted the person and forgot it. I'll be more aware of these fools.

Right on! *stands up & applauds you*

I pretty much block those same people....and on a regular basis too!

People like that are a special kind of stupid and deserve to be blocked.