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The Logo Makes Me Cry

But that's what Vick and his sick friends did to dogs. And he thinks he deservs to play in the NFL again, be an idol for children. I hope no team owner has the stupidity to hire the sick bastard.

ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 11 Responses Aug 3, 2009

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yes this story breaks my heart and I hope, if he is still playing football,in which he should be in jail. I hope, someone smashes his face in and breaks all his bones. I just had an update from my husband, and he told me that he has already been to prison for these actions. A dumbass never learns.

But then, perhaps you're right. Maybe we should go for the blood sports to make people like happy? You willing to volunteer to go into the pit against 4 or 5 dogs for the entertainment of the rest of us?

I am ME! That's all I need to express my opinion. And you can express yours -- though I'm surprised you can actually write.

Unfortunately, Vick did make a mistake and he has apologized and served more time than most football pla<x>yers that have abused human-beings. Unfortunately, we put animals above people. At the same time, I'm not saying that what he has done is right, but I think everyone deserves a second chance!!

I think should get a second chance, but he should have to prove himself, start small, whatever, not simply jump back into the national spotlight, make more millions, be an idol and role model for kids. Let him get a job at an animal rescue shelter, not in the NFL -- maybe he'd get some respect and empathy for the animals, though I doubt it.

I know everyone deserves second chances but I don't think this Vick person (if you can call him that) even deserves to be out of jail. I think he should endure the same pain those poor dogs did.

I know it really is sick!

And now Vick has been okayed to play in the NFL again, like it's his right to go back to being a children's role model no matter what he's done. There's not much we can do I guess, but i did find this address if anyone wants to write an actual snail mail and express their outrage that the NFL Commissioner felt that Vick's sick activities were not enough to ban him from the league for reasons of morality and in the best interests of the sport<br />
.<br />
Commissioner Roger Goodell<br />
National Football League<br />
280 Park Avenue<br />
New York, NY 10017

I agree Ernie its aweful for sure. That pic makes me sick!

And he was one of the ones that survived and were saved. Imagine all those who didn't, those who were hung or electrocuted because they couldn't be taught to be vicious enough to be worth fighting.

In this pic, in one eye I can see fear, and worry about what those people think of him, and in one eye I can see hate. It was taught to hate. That poor, poor dog.<br />