I Need To

That darn squirrel needs to go on a diet. She's begun this new thing where she tightropes across the electrical wire to the fig tree & shimmies down the branch to the ground. The fig tree has actually made some fruit but is still green & she's ALREADY EATEN THEM!!! They're not even ripe!!! Urg!!! I NEED to buy a pellet or BB Gun this year. Last year I used rubber bands to deter her insatiable hunger for my annual crop. They worked, yet only when I was guarding the tree. I can't spend my life doing that, I have lots of other things to do.

So I will buy a gun sometime soon. Then I'll shoot her. If she's injured, then she'll think twice about being such an irritable thief. I NEED to teach her a lesson. Not all goodies are necessarily hers.

BTW: I've written another story related to this one, its in the 'I've yelled @ a Squirrel' group: EP Link
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Right, I know that ephemeralshadow. I think there's laws in my county where you can't shoot a gun if its so many feet away from another house. That's why the organized deer hunts are always in park land & not where the deer are, in people's backyards. Though I think I can buy a BB or pellet gun & its not susceptible to those rules. I guess I'll have research it.

I've been worried about injuring myself ephemeralshadow, but if I don't do it I might as well write off having any figs. She eats the entire crop & leaves nothing for anyone else. I mean how insenstive!!!