Its Not So Simple

But I cant help how I feel, I will always care for you because of our memories because of the person I know you can be but that's it now I have to walk away.

I will always not only care but love you with everything I have. If only you could see what is happening to us. Im not going anywhere, ill be right here when your ready to want me the way I need you to.
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Thank you for your responses I do hope youre all doing ok these situations are so hard and stay in your heart

mine waked away ,, 3 months of intimate bliss,,, she had needs ,,,,,, still car about her never go back thou

I wish my ex felt that way

good flow of love combined with trust,applaluded

she walked away but I will always love her

It's been 4 tears since she left

There are many fine relationships with more than 20 year spreads. There is no such thing as perversion - that is just in your mind. Erotic or plain - sex and attraction is natural. It is not uncommon at all for the younger person in a 20 years difference relationship to die of old age long before the elder partner.

Im sorry but I can only use this site on my phone and I may be missing something but I didnt mention any age gaps in my story, is this a reply to a comment maybe cant see?

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True that