Not Yet But I'm Sure

i'm single now but i got the feeling that i'll love my girlfriend no matter what she tells me (for that i got the feelling that if i have a girlfriend she will cheat me)

also i figure it out after seeing that i protect my girl friends too much... and i got the feeling that i'll continue aiding them on everything i can.

is been to protective or too loyal a bad thing? or it shows that you are a good person?

some friends told me that my blindly loyalty will lead me to some severe troubles like people using me, i hope that doesn't happen because i couldn't endure that a person who i really care about started using me, for me it would be a lack of confidence on me because if they know that i care about them they should ask me first.

so... members of these group those anyone feel that you'll be or you are been used by some one?
lost54 lost54
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012