Just Bare It...by The Bareback Ladies

Bareback dresses

Echoes our personalities.

In varied hues;
Like the colour of the sky reflecting the cool water below, a river perhaps,
With lots to offer and forever giving.
Green and fresh
As spring touches the earth
Caring, preparing, teaching life's future.
The paleness of white
Pure in heart and immaculate in spirit
Offering delight and bliss.

Bareback dresses
Echoes our personalities.

In varied fashions.
Spunky and spirited
Sprinkling laughter dust as the fabric billows
With the freedom to run, bounce, and fly.
Roses, daisies, and lillies
Words as dainty as printed flowers
Words as touching as nature has intended.
Wild and carefree
Blossoming with the fullness and wittiness of life
In simple style yet sweet and endearing.

Bareback dresses.
Echoes are personalities.
Revealing but hidden.
Subtle yet bold.
Appealing and desirable.
Echoes the ladies we really are.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
32 Responses Feb 20, 2010

June 24th! June 24th June24th!<br />
*Sylph marches down EP-land*...<br />
<br />
Calling all ladies... please come join us in celebrating bare back day. Just wear it and flaunt it!...

Now lets not forget this very important day...

Haha... yes... I shall be the reconnaissance... get all the non-believers to sway to our side and just bare it... dangit...<br />
<br />
Roj... I would love 40C... that's the best temp to head out to the beach... aaaahhh... but then I don't get that here... nor the beach... grrr... I think the hottest I've experienced here is 31C... and it didn't even last long...

That's the way Sylph. Put the groundwork in! I'm sure everyone appreciates it :)<br />
<br />
14C is pretty cold (as a daily maximum) Sylph. I don't know how people in these icy places can stand it. I guess everything/everyone is set up to handle it. We're definitely not. But then again you'd probably feel the same way about our 40C+ summer days.

LOL! 14C is not bad, Roj... everyone here goes amok outside at 14C... but then again that's comparing to -48C in winter... haha...<br />
<br />
Been trying to prepare people at work... wearing less and less... just so they won't get shocked when I come to work on June 24th with bare back...

Just checked my calendar. Damn! I'm not going to be here. Still I hope it's a sunny 14C for you WG! Then you can wander around the garden generating some vitamin D and the folks will think you have gone crazy!

I haven't forgotten... I'm all ready for that day. The day before we leave for the States... hopefully a gorgeous day to be wearing bareback... hmm... I still have work that day... hmm... wonder what they'll say... <br />
<br />
Yay!!!... *bouncing up and down*...<br />
<br />
I'll send you pictures... *hugs*...

Oh Sylph I'd forgotten our plans...must start recruiting the masses...getting the firewood collected in time to stoke up the fire to bare my shoulders on what will probably a cold winter day...<br />
<br />
Hmmmm, I love bare shoulders...I'm missing summer already. The sway of hair on bare shoulders...something I love...the warmth of someone's touch as they come up behind me and let me know that they are there...

Your very welcome, Bliss...and mark the day on your calendar...June 24th...come rain or shine, hail or snow...we are wearing bare back or bare shoulders dress or tops...yay!!! :)

yes, I joined just a few minutes ago. thank you again Sylph

You already are, Bliss...you already are... :)<br />
This is how I see you when I wrote this...picturing your avatar as well. I'm glad you like it...but did you join though? You've got to join the group...

The paleness of white<br />
Pure in heart and immaculate in spirit<br />
Offering delight and bliss.<br />
<br />
Thank you Sylph ...that's really lovely ... I hope I can live up to the words you've used!

Spring...you are most welcome. :) And I had fun writing it. Though it whacked my brain a little...lol...but it brought smiles to my face as I wrote it. And yes, you are the second three lines being described here. I'm happy you're happy. *hugs*<br />
<br />
Awww, Roj...so much kind words...thank you. *hugs* Maybe next time I can write something for the guys...I just don't know what could be a common ground for all of you to wear...Maybe you need to ask WG...I always love her ideas! ;)

Not just amazing... thoughtful too!

Delta...all those lines hold true. And we will keep telling you this anyway. It's always nice to say it...and we all need to hear it. :)<br />
<br />
WG...you're not getting mushy on me now, are you? How I know the right thing to say...hmmm...I never think of it to be either right or wrong; I just say what I think and feel. This is my quote in my profile page: *Be who you are and say what you feel. For those that matter, they don't mind. And for those that mind, they don't really matter.* .......and my friends here matter. *hugs*

How come you always know just the right thing to say?!

I knew I answered this...then my comment isn't here...weird! Anyway...*as Sylph tries to remember what she wrote earlier*...<br />
<br />
LOL, WG! You are just too cute...If and when we see each other, I will just have to squeeze you! :D<br />
<br />
Where do I get the inspiration from??? Isn't it obvious??? ...from all of you...where else? :)<br />
<br />
I still need Delta, Spring, and Bliss to read this...<br />
<br />
I am happy you like it...and as most of you do, too. Thank you. :) And I think I have captured the gist of how I know you, WG...and if I failed to include some other qualities, I am sure these qualities keep your character blossoming even more. *hugs*

Sylph just where do you get your inspiration from?! What a beautiful poem! Sorry it took me so long to get here and read it. <br />
<br />
Hey Rojjy, someone else has written a poem that includes me!!! Wild and carefree. Blossoming with the fullness of life, In simple yet sweet endearing style. Oh yeah, that's me! I like the blossoming bit the best - there's room to move, you haven't pinned me down to who I appear to be at present. Excellent! Bravo!

ooohhh...that would definitely be hot for Kitti, Roj...backless with wings...love it! Must remember that, too when I don on my fairy outfit! :D

Lilly...I was just reading through the comments again and you were correct the first time...d-uh?! I read *WIB* as *WG*...Must wear glasses next time when using computer. hahaha :D I'm such a dork, ay? ;)

Ha ha SoftKitty is probably backless already too - those wings have to come out somewhere!

I just realized that even my avatar is bareback...whoohoo!

LOL! And to think you read it first, I believe...Lilly beat ya to it. haha :D

This really is very clever Sylph. I told WG you'd written a story but didn't realise just how much was in it!!!

ooohhhh, Kitti...you look so heavenly in your sundress....and yummy too! - and that's also because of your avatar again, honey. :)<br />
<br />
Thanks, Lills...yes, you had the game all to yourself...I'm wondering now what WG would say...hmmm...but whatever she will say, it would be so hilarious again. :)

wow this is absolutely beautiful ..*kitti runs out for a backless sundres*...=-)

You got it! ...Yay!!! ...*cheering for Lilly here* <br />
And because of that, WG needs to give us some of that yummy Chocolate Ripple Cake that Roj was telling me earlier...<br />
<br />
So it's a good guessing game, ay? Took me days to come up with it...trying to figure out how to each describe you. But it was fun writing it. ;)

Why thank you for saying I'm clever *hugs*...you are correct with Delta and Spring...but WG is only the last three with us on the next paragraph...there's one more lady who commented and actually said she wanted to join IBBS...the clues are on those lines...BUT no peeking on WG's story now! ;)

ooohhh...hey Lilly...we are just described as *fascinating, enticing, classy, and sophisticated* ;)<br />
Thanks, DV! lol :D

Yes, you are, girl! You've caught on. Yay! :D<br />
<br />
Now guess the first three... ;)

Lills, I gave you three lines there. All of us have three lines each...all of us who were in WG's story. This is you,<br />
"Roses, daisies, and lillies<br />
Words as dainty as printed flowers<br />
Words as touching as nature has intended".<br />
Go read again and guess who is what...this should be fun!!!

Definitely, Lilly...did you see where you were in my story? ;)