Sai Baba Say Gold

Not all gold that shines is real gold...

I had to write this after watching videos of Sai Baba cheating and swindling people by making them believe he can make gold appear out of thin air.

The way how he would influence and manipulate the political leaders of his country by giving them gold that was probably stolen or bought on the black market made me think about these false prophets of the times.

I mean what does GOLD (materialism) have to do with GOD?

What does gold have to do with immaterial spiritual riches?

This guy just knew the weaknesses of people so well; especially of those in governmental positions; those who he knew that if he could convince them of his magical powers or just give them gold they would make sure he gets all the propaganda he needs to be risen to global (not only national) fame.

He knew that people of this world are easily swayed by material riches...just give them gold aka money and you have them in your total control... Even so mixed with this magical notion of making gold appear out of nowhere he made them believe it because they were so desperate for all his golden gifts of material riches to become more rich; when to these men money (riches) means power... Their greed promises them more power each time they would accept a gift of Sai Baba... He knew their greed was fueled by pride and a need for power; he knew how to make them believe in his not so magical tricks... Men who Love power are always desperate for more and more; they cannot ever get enough once they have it is with getting obsessed if not possessed by the demon greed when it comes to material belongings.

And these people were not at all interested in real spiritual lessons; growth or riches...they were not interested in spiritual gold; gold in an abstract sense; metaphoric for a deeper purposeful soul enrichment... All they were interested in was feeding the vanities and shallow creatures of materialsm. These are the men that live in the moment; they have no regard for anything eternal; they only believe in the here and now; what they can see and touch in the present immediately before them...they have no regard for something immaterially infinite...and that is why they only care for "fake gold" - gold that is not real gold; money that is not nor ever will be spiritual riches that can fill your soul for eternity...they only accumulate to make their purses and banks full - outside of themselves...the harder they work to get that full the more empty they really become within themselves.

Why do I say tangible gold is not real gold? Of course it is for I can touch and see it; perceive it with my physical is heavy and hard to the is true; how can it not be?!

Some confuse what they want with what they need...they want to be rich but end up poor of soul mistaking fake gold for real gold.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 13, 2012