Yes, I Check

I'm not on here to hook up or for cyber sex. If you have a bunch of pervy groups, I won't add you.
pamelamc pamelamc
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I agree. Good thing

I have been getting some of this as well...." want to chat ...about sex "....
Poor bastards ...they must be more desparate for sex than some of us..well meaningless sex anyway.

Yea, I think they believe we're so desperate we'll screw anything. NOT!

P. S. And if you message me and have a nasty username, I won't respond either. Good grief!

I had one show up like that on my page today. I didnt even bother looking at his and I ignored the ADD TO CIRCLE button!

Ewwwewee gross username! Dont know WHO adds people like that ICK!

Do they actually think we will respond?

Ha, ha! So C, do the guys respond to messages or add women with naughty names and profiles? Hmmmm.