New Plan

You don't hear it advertised in the college booklet but I'm on a special plan... it's the lifetime plan! I think it's special and kept under wraps but it's the one I ended up on. I've just registered yet again and will try to squeeze a few classes in over the summer. I so would love to just drop work all together and just go to school. There's so much to learn so much to do so much more that I could do to help others in this world if only...

I'll get there, just you wait and see... I might be the oldest grad to ever cross the stage but I'm doing it without panties and a big cheesy grin!

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*sniffle* all I can do is try... thank you though, very VERY SWEET!

Well get there... slowly maybe but we'll get there. Yeah try to study w/ a fulltime ++ job and three kids running around. OMG! At least over the summer we slow down a bit at work. The week before the surgery I put in 70 hours... that's just NUTTY! <br />
<br />
*heavy sigh* Maybe I can find a class my teen can also take to get ahead and we an do it together. A nice bonding thing...

MSP, I had the GI bill and used to to work towards my degree. I got about 12 credits from my Batchlors and stopped going. I took about 3.5 years off and went back. It turned out the school messed up and I only needed 5 credits!! I finished my classes up in April and will have a graduation party on May31st. You hang in there, you can acheive your dream. Don't beat yourself up when life makes you alter courses, instead allow your life those breaks and get back to the books as soon as you can. Do it for yourself first, and all the other reasons you have 2nd. You might try something like Univ. of Phoenix they have online classes too :)

Going for a Masters in Proffessional Student, MSP??!!! lol

MSP, I know how you feel... I went back to school last year... well needless to say it's a long road to go... I can only take a few classes online because I have to work full-time... it's tiring and quite honestly a pain in the a**... but in the end it's worth it all!!! Kudos to you sister!!!

I started out with a desire to interpret ASL and boy do I need practice now. I am still unsure, I have so many interests at this point. Maybe something in social work or to that effect... anything that I can use to help others would be a blessing. Right now most of my credits are just general requirements so I can fill them in with whatever pumps my heart.