Cycles R Meant To Be Broken?

I have always been abused in some form, but the only reason for that is because i have allowed it - subconsciously that is. Trust me - i have never wanted it willingly, however if u are reared with forms of abuse for years and years - u think that is how it is meant to be. I think the trick is not only to keep breathing :-), but to pinpoint the problem and work on it daily. Assess the problem, break down the underlying reasons as to why you continue on the same path over and over - lessons are to be learnt, yes, but if you are not learning the right lesson, u will be placed on that path over and over - hence the circle you cannot escape...See the deeper meaning to y things continue to play out the way it does and do something constructive about it...I have very recently learnt the lesson of the abusive men i attract and yes i am still trying to break a circle, but i am now aware, which is a tiny step but a step indeed - i now need to put it in practise so that i can heal, grow and move onto a different path...The question is - reprogramming? How to do that...mmmmm?
Hertia Hertia
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

you know how when you hav seen a movie a dozen times and then suddnly u notice somethng like an actor with a drink in one had and thn in the next shot its in the other time, it's kind of like that. Just play the reruns out and when op for new episodes with diff actors come up, play the tape out agian, eventually, you will see that slip up in editing that is turning your thinking process wacky. And your can change that thought with a counter thought. the thought says, :you can't do this, it's to hard." Strike back with memroy of triumph, do this everytime the pinpointed thought comes up and reprograms are a success.

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