When I Grow Up...

I don't really know if this is a story, or something interesting to share. But i'm gonna share it anyways! So, i'm 13 (a mature 13) And regardless of what anyone says i'm set on becoming a Professional Wrestler when i'm older. A lot of people say "you're so young.. You still have so much time to think!" And it's great that they're giving me advice or whatever.. But i don't need that time to think anymore! The drive I have for this business is incredible and to some people, unbelievable. As soon as I leave High School i'm making my way down to Ohio to attend OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling School) which, might explain my username too lol. Just like some people feel that they were born to be Singers, or dancers, or artists.. I feel like I was BORN, purely to Wrestle. You can call it fake, set up or stupid you can call it whatever you'd like.. But I call it my LIFE, honestly. And I could go so much more into it, talking about the women of wrestling, and stuff like that. But maybe i'll save that for a rainy day.. Point of this is, is to anyone out there who is being told you cannot make it, or being put down because of what your dreams are, just keeping going! And if you want it that much, you'll get it -- one day. But be patient, and kind and good things will come your way. I'm never going to quit loving wrestling and when i'm living my dream one day, that'll be the reason why. Believe in yourself and you will go far. xoxo
ovwchick1 ovwchick1
13-15, F
Jan 16, 2013