Yes I Will & I Have

Yes I will & I have. I share a lot of very personal experiences on this site & some people who don't understand my situation, love to leave very rude, ignorant comments. Luckily, I haven't received a comment I've had to delete for a long time, but I will delete any I find blatantly wrong. I have read comments that have been a direct attack against me as a person. So much so, that I couldn't even think of anything to say back to the person. So, I've just deleted the comments. People are very presumptuous on this site. I try not to presume anything that I haven't read, but others aren't like that. One comment, which I did leave, & even commented back on, was from a guy basically telling me that I annoy people, am unattractive, unkempt, have bad habits, & proceded to leave a very long comment explaining to me how to better "groom" & take care of myself so I would attract people. The story was for the group "I am Pathetic" & I wrote it during a time I was feeling especially horrible about myself & my life. It was basically a rant. Although I did not delete his comments, he later did lol. I'm proud of myself for sticking up to him, but I'm annoyed that he had to delete his comments so it makes my responses to him look completely out of place.


Whenever possible, i try to defend myself when personal attacks are made against me, but more often than not, I do end up just deleting the comments.

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I luckily haven't been attacked over a quiz result I got. That's just crazy lol. I think sometimes people on this site wait until they're in a bad mood & then reply to people's comments in a negative manner for the soul purpose of releasing their anger onto strangers.<br />
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I'd never delete your comment, DeadManWalking2010 lol because you left me no reason to. You did make me laugh though, whether it was intentional or not lol

I don't share to many experiences here, like you I am always surprised at some of the rude comments made when someone is just looking for a place to vent, or share something personal. I have had to delete a comment myself, it was rude there was no reason to attack me personally over something as stupid as a quiz!<br />
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Thank you for sharing *S*

Then I won't bother to make any. Except this one.