Sweet and funny :) that's me :)
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I am sweet and funny too :-)

Are you really?😄

Explain? Just curious. First of all. How are you?

Awesome. Well let's say for example where on a blind date and we met up in a coffee shop. How would you introduce yourself? Me bein the gentlemen that I am. I'll go first "hi I'm kickthewall. How are you? I didn't know I was meet such a attractive person I would've put more effort on how I dress."

Haha I never been to one either. I would imagine it be weird and nerve racking. I hope dress maybe with a polo fleece long sleeve and black dickies pants and maybe some chucks. And you?

Really you think it's too formal? Cause that's what I usually wear. Haha. Well let's pretend that we are. So I'm the weirdo that's too formally dress for a blind date. How would you introduce yourself?

Like in bad speechless? Haha. Do you drink coffee Nicole?

O really? I don't drink coffee makes my tummy hurt. But I do love me some chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and it's not healthy for me haha. So Nicole where are you from and what state/country? I live in USA in CA LA.

No freaking way?! I was born in the Philippines. In Manila. Haha small world. I'll take green tea.

Haha uh um erm........ Huh.. Umm not really. I do understand it. So how do you text good English? Haha

Well I was born there. Then moved to Guam. Lived there 10-12 years then moved to the U.S. And lived here ever since. For like 16 years now.

Yes and I'm also a quarter Japanese. So how about you?

Ah that's cool. So what are your hobbies and what do you do for fun the mainland?

Wow I think that's awesome. Like reading horror and action fiction novels and science fiction. I'm kinda nerdy. I love movies I'm a movie buff. I like driving around LA. I occasionally workout and try to eat healthy. Haha love food too much.

I haven't. But I heard of it ands it's really popular in the states. I did read all of the hunger games. Which I thought was a great series. Is it really that good? Also don't get mad if I don't respond because it's like 2 am here and I have work in the morning.

Thank you. Your a sweetheart.

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