Excellent Goal

as well as a great idea for a group here.

I never did the 90 in 90 early on.  It is a great idea to keep your head in the program by doing so.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't make it though, too much pressure is not a good thing either.  Take it a day at a time as I am sure you've heard a dozen times, having been to three meetings.

LowBottom LowBottom
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What meetings...I'm new here

Thanks, I had not read your profile prior to asking here or I would have known the answer.

St. Louis area

If it works for ya, great! I too am blessed with many choices in my area. In a general way, what area are you in?

I manage 3 meetings a week which is convenient and comfortable for me. I'm so lucky there's sooo many meetings around my area.

Thanks metis =) Nice to hear it! I am glad to have been able to communicate with you through your beginning your journey. If you have not yet heard it said... if you do the work and follow the suggestions you will experience life beyond your wildest dreams.

*I have love for both of you*

Thanks Nyxie... it is what we do in recovery right? Support and encourage... Thanks for your kind word!

Great advice and encouragement, LowBottom. And best of luck to you in your own journey to sobriety. Your positive, healthy attitude will take you far.