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hello fellow members i have done naked walks before but always find it hard to decide how far to walk or what sort of place.
it is evening here now getting cold at nights so cant do to far as its close to freezing lol.
so give me a idea of what would be best at night on a sunday night to walk naked
rossco19636 rossco19636
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

How about going naked and ******* off on someone's front door or on a classroom door? And send a photo of your *** dripping down the door!! LOL Or I'll volunteer and you can do it in my mouth. Shooting a load in public is real hot and a rush and exciting.

Have a friend blindfold you, drive you to some remote location, then let you out. Your friend takes away all your clothes, then drives away. With no clothes, money, phone, transportation, or any other belongings, you have to find your way home.

have a friend drive you to a park or some other place naked with him already hidden your clothes he gives you an paper with clues to your clothes you have one hour to find them you cannot get dressed for the whole hour and after that only with the pieces you have found

Personally, I would suggest something along the same lines, but a little more interesting. How about going for a little drive to public park or industrial area at night. With your clothes on, car unlocked, go find a place a few hundred yards away from your car. Drop the key. Now go back to the car and *****. Lock your clothes in the car. Now go for a brisk nude walk to get your car keys. Make it interesting and play with a toy, or stroke before allowing yourself to get back into the car. I've done this before and it was a blast! So thrilling.

very nice will try that today have just the plave in mind let you know how it goes

How is that dare coming, Rossco? :D I would love to see some pictures!