That Is My Excuse...

I often say to myself oh I still have time I will do that later,if not today then tomorrow or the other day.Then suddenly it's too late to do it.It's cause i leave almost everything to the last moment,and then i'm stressed and in hurry.I know it's so bad and it's my fault.I should be more organized but I feel sometimes everything is chaotic and I start to do too many things in the same time.Silly me.I think i will never learn anything or i will learn when i will be forced to do it...
MissAgni MissAgni
26-30, F
3 Responses Sep 15, 2012

the harder you are on yourself, the less likely you'll be able to change your behavior. instead of writing down a list of things to do, write down a list of things you get done. you also may be one of those people who do their best work when it's done at the last moment. much of what you think is important to get done now won't matter to you in the future anyway. best wishs

Unfortunately i understand you.....i sometimes also do many things at the same time and this end with the fact that i do these activities very superficially :(

I now how you feel. To a certain extent, I deal with that issue myself. I've discovered that it really takes a lot of focus and self-discipline to do things when they need to get done, and I don't always feel like being either focused or disciplined. Don't give up on yourself. Any effort you make to be more organized is worth it.