Not Me, and Not to the Wall...

...last night I used duct tape, just as a giggle. It didn't lead to anything else, much to his disapointment, but I just wanted to see if I could.

I duct taped him to the bed. It was funny. Then I went and made a cup of tea and sat there drinking it while he watched me. I didn't finish the tea. I was laughing too much. I should have got the candles out and played with him for a while with some wax. But I did just want to see if he would let me do it.

A warning to any men that try this, or want this done to themselves...if you're hairy, it's going to sting, a lot.

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9 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I KNEW there was more to your sweet little visit last night than a cup of tea and a hug!

Would you be gentle?????

Once had a run in with an Epi Lady. It's a contraption with a lot of tweezers on a drum, that pulls out hair at an unbelievable speed. An ex-g/f got enormous pleasure out of 'removing' hair from my lower back.

what a geat idea. tape him up and sit and watch him while you do things........................yes I may have to try this.

Okay, I'm staying away from you! :P

Maybe not.... but still.... OUCH!

Exactly what I was thinking. OUCH!

Band aids taught me that lesson, thank you. I have no desire to get all 'stuck' up. hehehehehehehe