Love the Pilates

Last semester, I took a pilates class that was only 2 hours a week (Monday and Wednesday) for about 4 months at the college I attend. I had done pilates in the past, but I had never had an actual instructor. I just bought DVDs. The key here is to keep up with this stuff! You can't throw in a DVD once a week and except to see results quickly. It takes a lot time, especially since one isn't using weights. I didn't notice results right away, but by the end of the 4th month I was tons more sculpted! My legs, stomach, and upper body are so much more tone looking. Also, I'm not bulky! I'm not sure if it's from the pilates or not, but I lost about 4 pounds too. I went for 117 pounds to 114 pounds. I'm 5'4" so that's still in the healthy weight range. My body fat percentage lowered too! I went from 15% of body fat to 14% of body fat, which puts me in the "athletic" category!

Over the summer I'm taking another pilates course (Pilates II), but this one is 4 hours a week for 8 weeks! My goal is to go to the pilates class Mondays and Wednesdays, but also engage in 2 more hours of pilates sometime during the week. I'm on a mission! I want a six pack! I'm so close! I can see the outline!
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Man I can imagine you with a beach body

I am sold on this thing...was really looking for a form of non-bulking exercise... I found a gym just 4 miles from my place that offers Pilates ... and its the only one out of the two that that do this in my country... !! I am gonna go for it...

This is cool... just read up on what pilates are - never heard about them before. I really like the concept of Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathing, and Flowing Movement into a workout of sorts... I see so may people in the gym huffing it throwing weight around and not really concentrating on what's going on around them or what's happening inside them.<br />
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Thanks for the story!

Ha! You sound like you're doing very well indeed with your pilates! I've always been vaguely interested in pilates, especially for the core strength aspects, but have never had time for it inbetween weights and cardio training and tai chi. I'm most impresssed with your bodyfat as well, I'm still hovering around 18%, so I've aways to get down to your level! I hope it provides you an outlet during rough spots in your life as well.