I think its our duty as citizen of the World to fight for Democracy and stop people who creates problem in the Society masquerading as fighting for freedom of belief and those who will not join them is condemn to die? I think this kind of notion and views is primitive and don't understand what is living in peace and harmony and to be free as everyone want to exercise as long as the people who practice is between bounds of the law.
Why are we persecuted because we believe in other things? are we under the hands of extremist? Well I will not accept that people who practice extremism can just massacre and kills innocent civilians without fighting, I will never hesitate to fight this kind of people to stop this genocide to happen and let them kill innocent civilians.
As a peaceful man I will not let this kind of horror to happen though it is against my belief of fighting other that will cause the lost of life, but if this is the way to stop them I personally think it is our duty to be arm and fight to stop those kind of people.
tawam tawam
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014