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I thought I was never going to be with a guy with the way my life was going and that all changed I am so lucky to have found him he has made into a better person, my life won't ever be the same without him, I love him like crazy however the one big massive thing that is keeping us apart is the miles, him being on the other side of the world from me and it kills me to have him physically not here with me so I am going to fight the miles as much as I possibly can to close the distance between us so we can be together, he means the world to me he's amazing I'm glad I found him.

I love you Reece with all my heart, I love you baby ever so much, I am going to fight these miles between us and I need your help, like you said this will happen so sweety lets start closing the distance and fighting these miles together, I love you *Hugs and Kisses*
RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F 2 Responses Jul 8, 2010

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Reece - *holds you ever so close* I know baby as I am yours sweety *she smiles up at you* yea msn and chat are just jealous but msn isn't that bad *giggles* I love you so much *holds you close and kisses you back softly*<br />
<br />
notg- Thankyou, awwww I wish you and your boyfriend luck aswell even if you have got to keep him a secret until you turn 16 it will all worth the wait though :)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Baby **wraps his arms around you and holds you to hes chest** I know how hard the distance can be between us. I feel a physical ache because I cannot hold you in my arms, cannot kiss you, for real. But these are only a temporary setbacks. What I give to you, what I offer, is eternal My Princess. Its not something I give lightly, but in you I have found I am willing to give it. My heart is yours My Love, I am yours.So yes, the miles between us are hard at times, and we cope with silly chat and MSN (they are so jealous), but this isn't a battle we fight alone. We are in this together my Love, and together I do believe we can do anything.Always and forever my Gorgeous Girl **leans down and kisses you softly**