Day 6 And I Am Grateful For All Communication Systems.

My boyfriend lives and hour away and my daughter lives in another state, I have another daughter working shift work and another works oversea, my friends all work full time and also have busy lives. I am grateful for then phone were we can chat for ages, I love the mobile where I can send a small endearment by text, I love the Internet where we share stories, pictures and special occasions and have web cam to see each other. I love email, and face book and my space and even this space, where i give evidence to my being, to everyone I have met and yet to meet. I am constantly in touch with everyone, and I love it, but of course nothing will ever beat the face to face act of conversation, where all emotions are felt and seen in real time, and then there is the conversation of touch. I am really grateful to be able to keep in touch every day.
Makingmewrong Makingmewrong
Sep 10, 2010